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Our Story

Making a cozy corner of the world 

As a child I carried my blankie with me. Wearing the satin edge off. It was my security blanket. Once the edge was off, it was repaired and the blanket no longer had the same feel. What I didn’t know at the time was how attached I was to the softness and the way it felt because it was worn. It was soothing. When it became holey, I stuck my fingers through the holes. 


Today, I Finger Knit- a form of knitting that is done using only your fingers, without the need for knitting needles or any other tools. It grounds me- the way the soft yarn feels in my hands and on my lap. I love that I can create something using just my fingers. As a child, I could never color inside the lines or get what I was creating to look like what the teacher wanted. I was seen as flawed. Finger knitting is a way of connecting to something else and making something I can be proud of.  I enjoy trying out new patterns and making different designs. I truly put my heart and love into each blanket I create. Hearing people tell me how much they love them and asking what I am working on, makes me feel wonderful.  For the first time since Bunny, I am seen as someone who is capable and dear, even talented.  

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Celebrating the Non Profits We Support at Bunny's Cozy Blanket Nook

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